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India's no. 1 personal fitness training company, Rejuvenation fitness Group (R.F.G) is a pioneer in providing best personal fitness trainer in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Hydrabad, Chandigarh, Banglore and many other cities.
R.F.G can help you achieve the best results in fitness and health with well trained and experienced fitness trainers, (mostly graduates and post graduates) from The Sports Authority of India, under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of India. All the trainers are handpicked by Mr. J.K. Francis(MD.) personally to ensure great service and the right form during the workouts. Furthermore, they are being updated and monitored regularly on the latest trends and practices in the field of health and fitness. Not only Home Fitness trainer, We also provide personal Yoga trainer at home in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. We offer you specific training programs that are tailored to you, based on your individual goals, needs and problem areas. Our personal training is provided in the comfort of your own home, at your convenience.

Whether you have exercised before, whether you have a history of ailments like high or low Blood Pressure, coronary disease or you are absolutely fit; we create a balanced exercise program depending on your current fitness level and taking into consideration your medical background. We assure you the best fitness trainers and best yoga trainers. We constantly update and make necessary changes to your regimen, depending on your improvement and needs. With our program and motivation we make sure that you are achieving the best possible results.

Hardest part is a change in lifestyle and going ahead in a new venture. With our world-class trainer you stay focused, motivated and achieve the best result that you have always wanted. we also provide personal yoga trainer in Bangalore. Recently we have expanded our services internationally. Our personal training specialist's services are available in Canada (Brampton) now.

Don't wait till tomorrow, when you can start today. To know the efficiency of our fitness programs in Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi, Kochi &Bangalore please check our Testimonials, where some of our clients have shared their experiences. Contact Us to schedule a free fitness session with our fitness trainer in Delhi, Gurgaon , Noida and our fitness trainer in Bangalore. find out how we can assist you in achieving your goal.

RFG salutes the never ending spirit of all International sports personalities and offer them a totally free of cost service. Please contact to start your training today.  T&C apply.

J. K. Francis, the Chairman & Managing Director of Rejuvenation Fitness Group (R.F.G), is a Profound Personal Fitness Trainer With Experience of over 17 years. His articles are commonly published in leading newspapers like,The Hindustan Times and The Times of India. He has been trained and certified by The Sports Authority of India in sports and physical fitness. He is also a national level Volleyball player & a keen sports man.

He is the soul of Rejuvenation Fitness Group. He along with his Directors and band of committed well trained and well-experienced fitness trainers, have trained more than thousands of clients and helped them to be fit and lead a healthy life. R.F.G has got a wide variety of exercise programs, like; Calisthenics, Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, Resistance Training, Vibration Training, Cardio Kick-boxing, Ball Exercises, Ballistic Training, Circuit Training; which are fun to participate in and are 100% result oriented.

R.F.G's clients include CEOs, Doctors, Top Industrialists, Bureaucrats, Filmstars, Politicians, Sports Personalities as well as housewives, youths & Kids . Here at RFG we have a package to suit individual needs to achieve desirable results.

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  • I am taking physical training from Samjith Gopal from more than 2 years. I have been lucky to find a trainer like him. Samjith is a very dedicated person. He is a thorough professional who knows his job to the best. His professional services has helped me in various areas of life like Stamina building, total body fitness, losing excess fat, daily activeness. He keeps on changing programs for me on alternate days and understands me and my body type very well. Everyday, when I finish my class with Samjith, my mood becomes very lively and I am full of energy. And I am ready for a long day of work. I feel very sad when I have to miss his classes due to unavoidable reasons. I feel very happy to start my day with Samjith and his training programs.

    I wish him all the best in life.

    HEMANT GUPTA: Director Kunchals Read More
  • Started working out about 25 years ago but could not be consistent after working out for about 10 years and since have tried various types of work out schedules as per the need of my body as age is catching up.I have been swimming ,walking ,running, doing yoga and also gymming , but was not able to achieve the desired results and was struggling to some how get into some what the similar fitness levels which I had achieved in those previous years.
    Then I was introduced to Samjth from Rejuvenation Fitness Group with whom I discussed my health issues and what routine I have been following.
    He then has worked out a special program for my body type scientifically which would go down well with me and would be result oriented..I have now been on this program with him and it has made a huge difference in my fitness levels and firming my muscle shape which is extremely satisfying and my energy levels have also gone up...
    Samjith is an extremely pleasant person to work with,he is focused and dedicated to give personal attention and monitoring the progress of his trainee..
    I hav been so happy with my progress that have introduced Samjith to to my entire family now my wife Namita,son Arjun and daughter Alia are all taking workout sessions with him and are extreamly satisfied with their progress as well.
    Wanted to take this opportunity to thank Samjith on behalf of my family for taking care of our health and fitness.

    Vikrant Chibber : Pancheel Read More
  • Dear sir,
    I’ve run my first 10k in the year 2013, and there after many more 10k’s followed. Also, cycling and regular work out for a year and a half during 2014-2015.

    Haven’t been working out since last one and half year. Got strong Recommendations for Mr Vishnu Vijayan, started and can see the difference in two months. He is exceptional with body understandings, need of the body part to be toned or added strength / muscles.
    He increases stamina gradually and there is barely any pain but the whole body is energised. I had never done weights before but with him I love doing weights. He has tremendous knowledge of which part of the body to be worked upon while doing same exercise to get desired result.
    He is great adjusting the time, and I don’t feel like I’m doing a Skype class.
    I’m not able to believe that in two months not only I have gained muscles on my biceps and triceps but my back is showing signs of a Athlete. I have experience of different trainer prior to him but now it shows the difference that Vishnu sir has gotten.
    His Skype class is very Effective and I’ll recommend him strongly for anyone who is trying to achieve right body balance.

    SKYPE STUDENT: Read More
  • I am a senior citizen with multiple problems. A fractured 9th dorsal , severe cervical right frozen shoulder, 2 broken knees and to add a cherry also osteoporosis and arthritis. With so much of disabilities I was introduced to Tony. He took up the challenge and gently , methodically managed to strengthen my muscles to hold my osteoporic bones with very knowledgeable understanding of the skeleton system and put me together. Thank you Tony , it was a miracle 

    Regards: Rita Madan Read More
  • After seeing amazing transformation of two of my family members under the training of Samjith sir, in late 2016 I joined him. With a lot of weakness and no stamina left after the birth of my child I thought i will never be fine and fit.
    It`s 2018 I can`t imagine myself coming so far. My body has transformed completely, my stamina has gone so high. I look so toned and fit.
    Samjith sir is the most patient, most understanding person. He has taught me that the only way to become fitter is to be patient with ur body and giving it sometime and that there are no shortcuts but only hard work. I look forward for my workouts, as every day he makes me do something new and challenging .He customizes the workouts keeping in mind your health issues and needs. Even when I am traveling, we workout via Video Skype calling.

    Samjith sir is so full of life and positivity. He motivates me to get stronger and healthier. I am so glad to be training under him.
    #My trainer is better than yours# 

    Sona Singh: DLF Farm Read More
  • This is to confirm that I am Very satisfied with Sathyajith as my fitness trainer. His time schedule is excellent. He provides good variety in my exercise regime. And that extra push, to give my best effort to push my limits. I will continue with him for as long it takes to reach my fitness goal and then to maintain the same. 

    Mr. Rohit Dhar: Read More
  • Robin has been a super instructor. Right from small details like always being on time to the work outs - my experience working with him was excellent. No two. Work outs were the same. Each exercise was fashioned as per my requirement and according to my need. Within just a couple of classes I could feel and see a difference in my body. Robin is an extremely polite, pleasant, always smiling person who knows his job very well. I look forward to continuing for a long time with him.  

    Mrs. Nandini Kochhar: Shanti Niketan Read More
  • I have completed over a month working out with Sathyajit and I am very impressed with his patience, skill and most importantly - his positive attitude. He is very jovial guy and always on time. I wanted to give feedback on him. Thank you.  

    Akriti Malhotra: GK 1 Read More
  • I have been training with Sobhith for nearly seven months now. I find Sobhith very knowledgeable, pleasant and most importantly, highly motivating - he pushes me far more than I would myself. The workout sessions have been very effective and far from boring. We do a good mix of cardio, strength and stretching and it is not at all monotonous. Sobhith is also very attentive in terms of form and explains in detail why we do what we do. In the last seven months, I have consistently lost 2-3 kgs per month and improved my stamina and strength by several folds.

    I would recommend Sobhith very highly as a personal trainer without hesitation. 

    Archana Rajindran: Banglore Read More
  •  I wanted to express my positive feelings towards my trainer Mr. Renjith TT. I have been training with him for about 4 months and I have seen great improvement in myself. I hope I will have him around for many years to come.

    Sohail Rana Kanwar: Thanking you Read More
  • I approached Rejuvenation Fitness after failing at endless attempts to maintain an exercise routine. I can say it has been one of the better decisions of my life. I have been further lucky in my trainer, Jithin Raju. He is a fantastic trainer, knows exactly what routine to apply to which client, and is very mature in his interactions despite his young age. From being totally unfit, and with chronic back pains, within two months, thanks to his guided training, I was at a level of stamina where I could outperform my regular gymming friends is some ways! Jithin's sessions are not easy, and he pushes you just a little bit more every day while ensuring the sequence is such that you easily transition into the next level of exercise. And, he has been a better judge of what I can accomplish than me! He is so committed to helping his clients achieve their fitness goals, that he has got me all motivated and enthusiastic about getting fitter and stronger and my fitness sessions are an integral part of my schedule now !

    Ritu Sachdeva: Director, Technical Communication, Cloud Lending Solutions Banglore Read More
  • Samjith is one of the best trainer I have ever worked with !! What is amazing is the amount of positivity that he generates in his workouts which is amazing !! Very helpful and convenient in his timings for workouts !! I finally see a change in my body structure lately..... A very well educated and a soft human being the correct temperament one should have to train people. Thank you I really look forward to all my workouts with him. 

    Amaan Ali Khan Bangash: Indian Classical Musician Read More
  • My name is PRIYANKA jain and I'm training with Mr. Arun aravindh from the past one year, and the results are great. I have lost around 4 kgs and am really satisfied with the result. I would also want to appreciate Mr. Arun's efforts and he is a great trainer! Thanks. 

    Priyanka jain: Best regards Read More
  • Sobhith has been our personal trainer since 2014. He has a very thorough knowledge of different formats of exercise. Our workout sessions are adjusted as per our individual fitness needs and requirements. Every session is different and thus, more interesting. He pushes us to do more than our limits and improve our stamina. He is punctual and particular about the classes. We are very happy and satisfied to have him as our trainer. 

    Vinu Dhingra & Sneha Dhingra: U.K Paints Group Read More
  • I wish to commend one of your trainers, Amarjith S, who has been my personal trainer since October 2015.. Amarjith is a very personable and professional trainer. He tailors the exercise programme to suit the needs of his client but he doesn't make it too easy - he is very good at pushing you to your limits. Amarjith is incredibly reliable and always on time. He is very enthusiastic about his job and this inspires energy in his clients. I look forward to his classes as he is so positive and enthusiastic. And he sets a great example as he is very fit himself and leads a healthy life so is a good example to his clients. He is a happy person who obviously enjoys his job. He has run classes for several staff here at the High Commission, both individual and group classes. I have recommended his services to many people in New Delhi and am more than happy to act as a referee for Amarjith. I hope the company recognizes what a great asset and ambassador they have in Amarjith.

    Best regards, 

    Mark Westenra: New Zealand High Commission Read More
  • Samjith is the best personal trainer you can possibly have. He has changed my body in so many ways, not only by losing 8 kilos in less than a year but also by helping me maintain that weight loss and maintain a fit physique. He can work around any body type and he tailors classes to your requirements while keeping them fun. I have never had a boring session with him. Having received endless compliments from friends and family, I can without doubt say he is best for anyone and anybody looking to get fit and to get results. Keep up the good work! 

    Tanya Chadha: Wave Group Read More
  • I would like to thank Mr. Ranjith for guiding me & helping me in transforming my body. He has been a dedicated Coach & Guide to me. He followed a systematic approach & helped me reduce my body fat first & then build up my muscles. He has been an Excellent Coach & Friend to me. I wish him good luck & success. 

    Navneet Pratap Singh: Skylark Group Read More
  • It is almost a year now that I have been training with Mathew Chacko (Saneesh). I started training to lose my baby fat which I had gained during my pregnancy. His training methods are very effective and he pushes you to your limits. I have reduced from a size 40 to size 34 and I love my body. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer than Chacko. For me he is really the best.

    Morati Kelly: Diplomat Botswana High Commission, New Delhi Read More
  • I am writing this letter to convey my sincere appreciation for Mr. Sobhith, a specialist physical trainer from – Rejuvenation Fitness Group. Mr. Sobhith has been my personal trainer for over one year. Mr. Sobhith has demonstrated his ability to motivate me right from day one. He is a dedicated and professional trainer of high caliber. He has taken commendable initiatives to identify the best fitness regimen that has helped me a great deal. His training methods are really enriching and rewarding. By virtue of his training methods, I have benefited a lot. As his current trainee, I consider him to be absolutely the best trainer I have ever worked with. His approach to punctuality and details has always impressed me. I believe, he not only understands the science of personal training, he also understands the science of motivation and has a keen eye on physical limitations of trainee. No matter what your fitness goal, I am certain his training methods will be more than able to help you get there. I wish him good luck. 

    Dr.Nalini Kaul (MBBS,MHA,PhD.): Max Super Specialty Hospital-West Block(Saket) Read More
  • I started working out with Samjith a year and half back when I hurt my ankle . This was the best thing that happened to me cause 18 months later I can proudly say I look fit and feel good about myself . Clothes fit better not to mention all the compliments I get from people who obviously see the difference in me . I look forward to my fun filled workout since he keeps it interesting due to constant change in my exercise regime and the results show . Samjith you are super ! 

    Rachna Kochar: Read More
  • Arun Mohan sir, has an in depth knowledge of fitness exercises which includes cardio, strength training and yoga postures. As a client, i will highly recommend him as the results are positive and i have lost few inches in just three months time. He changes his pattern as per the requirements of my body and undoubtedly the fitness level and strength has also increased. His cooperation level with customers is also appreciable. Thank you Arun Sir for your cooperation and letting me enjoy the workouts with different and various exercises. 

    Shivani Agarwal: Shushant lok Read More
  • Hello Rejuvenation Fitness, I just wanted to write some feedback on Mr. Abin, who is my trainer from Rejuvenation Fitness. I've lived in the US, Canada and Greece and I've had trainers from around the world. I just have to say the Abin is one of the best trainers I've come across. His absolute dedication and passion to his job, his caring attitude and concern towards the people he trains and genuine sincerity towards making one achieve their goals, is outstanding. He understands my past injuries, present and future goals and together we work towards them. Thank you Rejuvenation Fitness for proving us such high quality trainers, like Abin. I wish you all the very best 

    Tushar : Vasant Vihar Read More
  • I started training with Francis to firm up all my muscles and to get back in good shape. I am very happy with the results. I look better and feel better. As evidenced by all of his testimonials, Francis is a great trainer. He is always positive, encouraging, and focused on your goals. I look forward to all of my sessions with Francis and work hard in every single one. He will help you to see the light of a healthier and smart body. 

    Dr. Pervez Ahmed: vice chairman, saket city hospital,New Delhi Read More
  • Francis is a truly exellent trainer.Over the years I have joined several gyms, but have ultimatly discontinued them becouse of a lack of motivation.Francis make the training intresting and continously altus and varies the workout routine.He is also able to tune the regime to suit my goals.I have run a staedy increase in my fitness levels since I have started working out with him.I would wholeheartedly recommend Francis to any person seeking a trainer who is motivated and dedicated. 

    Saurabh Kirpal: Jorbagh Read More
  • Ever since I have started working out with Samjith, I have noticed a visible change in my fitness and energy levels. I have lost over 10 kg, and feel healthier and have a better stamina throughout the day. Samjith understands my particular requirements and alters the routine to suit my body type. Each session with him has been uplifting and I feel encouraged now to focus more on my health and fitness. He is a great trainer with a highly motivating attitude and a pleasing personality. Rejuvenation Fitness Group has really lived upto its name and has made me feel rejuvenated. I wish all the best to Samjith and the RFG team. 

    Puneet Kaura: Executive Director SAMTEL AVIONICS & DEFENCE SYSTEMS Read More
  • I absolutely vouch for Samjith being the best trainer i have ever had. He is extremely motivating and very understanding and perceptive of my goals. He drives me to my upmost ability and relates to what my body responds to best whilst training. I live in London but visit Delhi every summer and the first thing i book are my sessions with Samjith as i know i will come back looking my best. His training methods are very precision orientated and effective. He has lovely nature too and we have a lot of fun training and he makes every session interesting and different. When in Delhi, I train with him and every time i come to London toned and full of energy. Thank you Samjith for being such a star trainer and a great human being. I wish you all the best and look forward to many more sessions with you 

    Supriya Bedi ( Dimple ): Creative Director Three Sixty (LONDON) Read More
  • After a few months of training with Samjith, i saw and felt a drastic change in my body. With his help i was able to lose almost 10 Kilos. He is a true motivator, is extremely polite, always wears a smile on his face, and pushes me to go that extra mile.

    The best part about his workout is that he regularly changes the exercise which makes it so much more exciting and i actually look forward to my next work out. I am very happy to have found a trainer and a dear friend in Samjith and can’t thank him enough for keeping me in good shape. I wish him all the best for the future. 

  • Mahir, Well he is really good and understands an individuals needs ...therefore trains us accordingly. A great human being! ! I wish him good luck in all his future endeavours! !

    Reena Ahuja Syal: Surajkund Read More
  • After training with Samjith Gopal you automatically feel stronger, healthier and happier! He is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every class. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! He is skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. He knows just how and when to encourage and when to push, though never too much!!. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and commitment to his work and ultimately his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success! We highly recommend working out with Samjith Gopal and wish him all the best in life! 

    Ridhika Khanna & Rishi Khanna: Read More
  • Wonderful working out with R.F.G. Specially Mr.Samjith ,as he has been very patient &motivating.His personalised approach has helped me lose those “last 5 kgs” and has given me the look I always wanted.People around me started noticing a change in my physique right after the first month of training.I am simply thrilled to be with R.F.G.Wishing them a great future….!!!!! 

    Mrs. ROY: Sahara Read More
  • This is to acknowledge my appreciation towards Rejuvenation Fitness for the training I have been doing with their trainer Shibin. Over the past several months now, I have been working out with Shibin and I find the results more than satisfactory- as a matter of fact the training has taken away the monotony and dullness from my earlier workouts where I used to primarily spend time on cardio machines. The workouts are intense and the trainer pushes me just enough to further improve my stamina and to get results. He has a good knowledge on the subject and familiar with body parts etc to concentrate on the right exercises, and is able to vary the routine thus taking away the boredom of just a simple workout. I highly recommend the professionals at Rejuvenation Fitness Group to one and all. 

    Vidur Talwar : T&T MOTORS(MD) Read More
  • Im working out with praveen for the last one year.We started with thrice a week workout. As the weeks passed I started seeing the positive results of the training. Not only was my overall body tone improving, I was stronger and more energized. After a long time,i regained my muscle definition. Weight loss was never my goal, improving my health and fitness level was. Thanks to praveen, I have been given the tools and knowledge to have a balanced workout routine. Not only have I been able to reshape my body, I’ve learned how to incorporate strength training in my fitness routine. 

    Sunil Bhakoo: Bhakoo farms Dhera-Mandi Road Read More
  • Samjith is excellent and make your workouts harder with interesting training skills. Having worked with other personal trainers, I can say that Samjith is one of the best. 

    Mrs Shivani: Read More
  • I have been very happy with Mathew Chacko (Saneesh). I admire his thoroughly professional yet human approach to training, which he tailors and adapts to meet the special, individual requirements of his clients. He has excellent knowledge and a deep understanding of his subject. Very punctual, unfailingly courteous, and sensitive, he is an ideal trainer. I have benefitted greatly from my association with him and look forward to many healthy and happy years ahead 

    N P Singh: Director The Indian Express Group Read More
  • The last four years of training under the Supervision of my Personal trainer,Shobit,have been a new experience as compared to All my other trainers in Various gyms. The variation,intensity of workout suitable for my age,and physical state,is what I needed.No more same monotonous, boring workout,be it weight training,Cardio or water aerobics,its the best regime I have enjoyed in a long time! 

    Manju Dhingra: Orient Crafts Ltd. Read More
  • I have been doing my workouts with Mr. Mathew Chacko (Saneesh), Rejuvenation Fitness Group, for the last 18 months. I have found that Saneesh has been able to customise the workout to suit my needs and varied it to suit my growing stamina. He has also made sure I don't get bored of the routine and has added various facets to ensure a complete and holistic workout. But the best aspect of doing the workout with Saneesh, has been the fact that he has made sure that I don't get demotivated and he has been the epitome of perseverance (making sure I don't give way to my natural laziness and bunk classes). All in all, highly recommended. 

    GAURI SINGH, IAS: Joint Secrettary Government of India Ministry of New & Renewable Energy Read More
  • I have been working out with Mr. Mathew Chacko (Saneesh) since March 2008. It's over 2 and a half years now - from losing all my post baby weight to simply feeling fit - RFG has made a lifestyle change for me that's become for keeps. Saneesh himself is one of the most dedicated professionals I know - his gentle demeanour hides a steel will which motivates and keeps you on your toes. His sincerity shines through and he takes it upon himself to ensure that he will bring out the best in you. 

    Arati Singh: Content Head-North Encompass Gurgoan Read More